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JXA™ is the dynamic collaboration between Jude Chaaban and Aya Elmokadam, two accomplished artists, designers, and architects based in Detroit, MI. As the creative heads of this multidisciplinary Architectural Design practice, they bring a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and technical expertise to every project. JXA™ is involved in a diverse range of fields, including architecture, technology, research, and fine art. Through their unique approach, JXA™ seamlessly merges traditional architecture with cutting-edge digital design techniques to create transformative experiences. With a passion for innovation and collaboration, JXA™ is redefining the boundaries of architecture and design, one project at a time. 


At JXA, we believe in the power of Infinite Collaboration to produce Timeless Design. Our multidisciplinary approach, passion for innovation, and technical expertise enable us to redefine the boundaries of architecture and design, creating transformative experiences that stand the test of time.



JXA's vision is to lead the next generation of art, design, and architecture by pushing boundaries and elevating the human experience through innovative and collaborative design. We strive to create novel environments and fine art that stand the test of time and inspire generations to come.

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